Nov 29


War of 1812 Worksheet {Click to Download}

Directions:  Click the link and answer the questions that follow below the link

1. How many warships did the British Navy own?

2. Why did some sailors desert the British navy and end up on American vessels?

3. What two areas were most upset by the Embargo Act?

4. Who became president in 1609?

5. What did the Indians want created south and west of Lake Erie?

6. Why did Americans dislike the British support of the Indians?

7. Who was the Indian Chief that pressed for unification of the tribes?

8. Who was the leader of the War Hawks?

9. By 1812, how many American vessels had the British captured?

10. List the THREE causes of the War of 1812.




11. Which side won the Battle of Tippecanoe?

12. Who was the American commander at Tippecanoe?

13. What was Commodore Oliver H. Perry’s famous quote at the Battle of Lake Erie?

14. Who was the British General that attacked Washington D.C.?

15. What did the British do to the Capitol building, the White House, and various other federal buildings?

16. When did the British finally defeat Napoleon?

17. What fort was the key to Baltimore’s defense?

18. How long did the British bomb the fort?

19. What is the other name of the War of 1812?

20. What inspired Francis Scott Key to write the National Anthem?

21. How many stars are on the flag above Ft. McHenry?

22. When was the Treaty of Ghent signed?

23. What did the treaty say about conquered territory?

24. When was the Battle of New Orleans?

25. Why did the Battle of New Orleans occur after the peace treaty was signed?

26. Who became the hero of the Battle of New Orleans?

27. If Americans heard about the Treaty of Ghent and the Battle of New Orleans at the same time, who did the Americans think won the War of 1812?

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